A Culture That Strives For Constant Improvement and Innovation

Corporate Profile

The head office of Swiftronic
was established in Singapore in 1998.

Our company specialises in the research and development of rubber composite materials, manufacturing and design of plastic molds and precision rubber for the commercial electronics industry. With our manufacturing capabilities and technology, Swiftronic are also able to provide manufacturing of all such related rubber and plastic products.

Swiftronic is also a technological enterprise that specialises in precision injection molding, precision stamping, and the manufacturing and design of high precision molds. We are a trusted supplier of high-precision parts for international companies and partners that are based in the US and European region, and sell their end-products on a global scale.

With our impressive track record and expertise in this field, we have managed to retain our existing customers while successfully tendering for new long-term contracts with other international companies. In order to facilitate our need for increased manufacturing output and a global presence, our company set up Swiftronic Precision Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. in Pudong, Shanghai in May 2012 with a company of over 400 personnel.

Corporate Culture

Our company’s steady growth is strongly attributed to our corporate culture. We believe that machinery and technology delivers end results, but it is the people within the organisation that drives excellence. Swiftronic brings to you an elite team that strives to improve, an organisation with excellent job training and promotion system, and follows a modern concept of management.

Future Led By Innovation

Our company is backed by a professional and elite team of personnel on all levels, resulting in a management system of the highest quality from top to bottom. Swiftronic places great importance on technological advancement, and through the years, we have constantly stepped up and increased our budgets in technological investments, adopting of advanced development software and attracting and training technological staff. This will enable us to attain our vision to be a true industry leader in technology, quality and cost.

We attract and train advanced talents that constitute an important part of the company’s human resource module.

Enterprise endeavour: We strive to be constantly improve and be effective, pragmatic and innovative.

Focus on society-centric missions such as protecting the environment, conserving resources, and the re-employment of laid-off workers.

We provide a combination of internal and external training for our employees to comprehensively upgrade the overall technical capability and overall quality of our staff. This provides them with extensive opportunities for promotion and growth.

Human-centric, sincerity-backed, standardised operations, and vision-driven.

To become an industry leader in Asia in product R&D and an industry preferred supplier.